My BFF!!!!!😜

  👭 Lexi and I are best friends! We live in the same neighborhood. We have been friends since we were 4 years old. We met at our friend’s house, and we have been friends ever since!!! We live one block away, and we see each other a lot!🙋🏽 Lexi and I both love💖Dolphins!!!!🐬 We  both play sports.⚽️ Like soccer, gymnastics, and basketball!🏀 We are both in the same class, we are also both in 4th grade. We are almost 5th graders!!!👍🏻 Lexi and I have a lot of things in common. 😎 Lexi and I are 👭BEST FRIENDS!!!!!!!👭


Do you know an animal that is black and white? It is a Panda!!!🐼

I am going to tell you a little about Pandas. Here are some facts about Pandas!😎 Pandas are mammals. They get up to 4 or 5 feet! They like to climb trees, and eat bamboo. A cool fact is pandas are a lot like cats!!!😎 I hope you learned more about these awesome animals!!!!😃

Hard Work Pays Off!!!🎖



Some people think that school is all for nothing, and sports are for nothing. They think it is a waste of time. But I think that sports and school are not for nothing. There just a little work that’s all. I think hard work pays off.

One reason I think this is once when I was at gymnastics I only did 1 hour and I thought that 1 hour was not enough time to do gymnastics. So I did a 2 hour class. It was more work but I got more practice in. I learned that if I practice more than I could get better.


Another time is when my sitter Anna was behind in school. She had to have a tutor. She need some help on math. With a little help on math,  she got herself back on track. It even refreshed her memory over the summer, so she was not behind!

So some people think work is for nothing, but it really helps you get better at things!  I think hard work pays off!

MEET MEGAN M.!!!!!!!!!🐬

Meet Megan M.!!!!!  Megan’s first and middle name are Megan Grace. Some things about Megan is that she is the only kid! Some things that Megan does is she loves to swim, play the guitar, do gymnastics, and dance.🎸 Somthing that is special about Megan is that her father is not her birth father, she had to get a doner so she could be born! Something that Megan did in the past year is she moved to Hudsonville! If Megan had a million dollars then she would give some of it to Heifer International. And she would give some of it to the Red Cross. If Megan did somthing to help the world is she would give peace to the world. Now you know more about Megan M!😎🏊🏻🎖

Valentine’s Day

Do you know how Valentines day started? Well if you don’t, then I can tell you all about how it started. It all started by a person called St. Valentine. St. Valentine was behind for his faith as a Christian. He wanted every one on February 14 to remember love. Valentines day is all about love, and St. Valentine wanted us to remember that. So that is how Valentines day started. I hope you know a little bit more about Valentines day!

A Great Book To Read!

  If you need a book to read. Then the Baby-Sitters Club is a great place to start. It is about a lot of problems that they go through. This one is the first one. (Kristy’s  Great Idea)

This book is a comic book, there are a lot of different stories, and it is funny. There are 4 main  girls. I enjoy this story most because it is a comic book, and I like comic books.  I think you should read the Baby Sitters Club books.


Sing is a very good movie. If you like music, then Sing is the movie for you.

Sing is a interesting movie. It is entertaining. It is also funny. If some movies are disappointing to you, Sing is not.

It is also a good movie for the whole family to enjoy.

I think sing is a good movie to see!